Virtual Event Case Studies




American Land Title Association (ALTA) Advocacy Summit

The ALTA Advocacy Summit was cancelled due to COVID-19. Instead, ALTA decided to host a three-part webinar series to take place over three weeks with a variety of topics and speakers.

The webinars featured different virtual sets including panel discussions and a fireside chat, and also integrated remote moderators and show callers. There was no cost to attendees, and each webinar had a featured sponsor.

EventEQ assisted with a budget-friendly, completely remote and fully produced broadcast with 100% remote presenters, attendees and professional audio and video technicians ensuring the best quality switching of speakers and screens. Remote technicians ran all graphics and video content as well provided stage management, show calling and audio control. This REMOTECAST featured a remote moderator, multiple remote presenters and remote technicians forming a virtual master control, along with video playback, audience participation, green screen, and more. EventEQ worked with ALTA to livestream the webinars to their website for easy access by attendees and moderated questions submitted through a chat box for a Q&A session.

Webinars were recorded and posted to the ALTA Advocacy Summit website.


GitHub Satellite Virtual 2020

ETP Company LMG customized a robust broadcast-level streaming platform to create a 100% remote solution where both the presenters and crew worked and presented from remote locations.



Zeta Phi Beta



ZupDate for Quicken Loans 2020
Detroit, MI

With fewer than 100 in-person attendees, we produced a livestream broadcast to tens of thousands of viewers using Quicken Loans’ existing internal streaming systems. We create content for their broadcast series based on location. For example, we used a golf course theme for a PGA site. Most use a standard Rocket Mortgage theme created initially when these events began a few years ago.


Washington Performing Arts Annual Gala


Most people don’t realize the amount of effort that goes into an event before the actual show day. Flawless execution of an event requires countless hours of planning. For many organizations, these events are an integral part of their fundraising strategy and revenue stream. Rather than canceling the Washington Performing Arts Annual Gala, RJ Whyte Event Production (RJWEP) partnered with EVENTEQ to pivot and convert it to a virtual event, bringing the gala to their guests in the comfort of their home.

Whyte and his team asked EventEQ to help transform the gala to be contained within the new venue’s footprint. EVENTEQ’s team sprang into action, modifying the video, audio, and lighting needs to fit the new virtual platform. A broadcast studio was created to execute the event virtually.


The new format presented several challenges:
  1. Redesigning for a smaller space
  2. Updating the script to virtually accommodate multiple forms of entertainment, including a choir/band, solo opera singer, and pianist
  3. Installing all of the equipment and getting “show ready” for the same date and time as the initially planned gala
  4. Setting up and testing all of the webcasting capabilities


Within a span of 14 hours, RJWEP and EventEQ were able to plan, install, rehearse, webcast, and dismantle the entire reconfigured event. The end result was a perfectly executed event with more than 300 virtual attendees enjoying a three-camera shoot showing all live performances, an online phone-in auction and a Skype-based virtual awards presentation. The event also helped raise more than $200,000 to support the performing arts.




RAPID + TCT 2019
Detroit, MI

The largest trade show conference for additive  manufacturing  and 3D printing drawing 9000 manufacturing professionals and spanning a 112,200 sq. ft. show floor with a record-high 434 exhibiting companies.



We streamed and  recorded  the general session event, and also  recorded  and  packaged  all the  breakout  presentations so Rapid TCT could sell a  digital package to be viewed later.  Estimated  viewership was in excess of 3000 additional views.



We were challenged with  producing  creative  opening  modules  for each day that could  be streamed to remote  audiences  and  combined  into an overall digital  package  sold  after  the  event. We were able to tie in all of the  breakouts and show floor  presentations into a single broadcast  that could be  navigated by the end user. With budget in mind, we created a  process that recorded the presenter and live  content in real time, saving on post-production costs.


2019 was labeled “the best RAPID event to date.” We were able to save money in both labor and editing time and deliver a full digital package two weeks earlier than previous years, allowing for content to have a higher sense of relevancy.