Washington Performing Arts Gala – March 2020

The impact of COVID-19 has given a new meaning to the adage in the live events industry that “the show must go on!”

Most people don’t realize the amount of effort that goes into an event before the actual show day.
Flawless execution of an event requires countless hours of planning. For many organizations, these events are an integral part of their fundraising strategy and revenue stream. Rather than canceling the Washington Performing Arts Annual Gala, RJ Whyte Event Production (RJWEP) partnered with EVENTEQ to pivot and convert it to a virtual event, bringing the gala to their guests in the comfort of their home.

Whyte and his team asked EventEQ to help transform the gala to be contained within the new venue’s footprint. EVENTEQ’s team sprang into action, modifying the video, audio, and lighting needs to fit the new virtual platform. A broadcast studio was created to execute the event virtually.

The new format presented several challenges:

  1. Redesigning for a much smaller space
  2. Updating the script to virtually accommodate multiple forms of entertainment, including a choir/band, solo opera singer, and pianist
  3. Installing all of the equipment and getting “show ready” for the same date and time as the initially planned gala
  4. Setting up and testing all of the webcasting capabilities

Within a span of 14 hours, RJWEP and EventEQ were able to plan, install, rehearse, webcast, and dismantle the entire reconfigured event.

The end result was a perfectly executed event with more than 300 virtual attendees enjoying a three-camera shoot showing all live performances, an online phone-in auction and a Skype-based virtual awards presentation.

The event also helped raise more than $200,000 to support the performing arts.

Even in trying times, events can still come alive in a safe, healthy environment. To learn more about how to make your event virtual, reach out to ian.campbell@eventeq.com or michelle.christian@eventeq.com