EventEQ Labor Billing Policy

EventEQ Labor Billing Policy

In town, labor is considered any work performed within a 30-mile radius of an EventEQ office.

Out of town labor is considered any work performed outside a 31-mile radius of anEventEQ office. Other than travel day, half days are not applicable to out of town shows. Dark days are billable on out of town shows.

Outside of U.S. labor is considered any work performed outside the contiguous 48 states.

Day rates are based on a 10-hour day.  Certain positions (where noted) may be based on an 8-hour day.

A split call is two half-day calls, separated by at least six (6) hours.


Meal breaks are taken off the technician’s hours, provided the break is at least one hour long and the technician is allowed to leave the work site.  Meal breaks are only taken in one-hour increments and partial hours for meal breaks are not taken off the total hours submitted.  A maximum of one meal break per shift will be taken unpaid.


Overtime is billed for any work performed beyond ten (10) and up to sixteen (16) hours, excluding one meal break (if applicable).  Overtime is billed at 1.5 times the hourly rate.


Double time is billed for any work performed beyond sixteen (16) hours a day, excluding one meal break (if applicable). Doubletime is billed at 2.0 times the hourly rate.  Double time is billed for any hours worked between midnight and 5am. Double time is billed for the first five (5) hours of any call time starting between midnight and 5am; the next five (5) hours are billed at the straight time rate.  After ten (10) hours the technician is billed at the overtime rate.  After sixteen (16) hours worked, the technician is billed at the double time rate.


If a technician gets less than eight (8) but more than four (4) hours off between call times, the technician will be in turnaround and will return at the overtime rate for the next shift.  The technician will remain on overtime for the entire shift unless they go into double-time as detailed above.  A turnaround will be in effect until the technician is given at least eight (8) hours off.

If the technician is released prior to the end of the shift while on Overtime or Double time the remaining time will be billed at Straight time.

If a technician gets less than four (4) hours off between shifts, the hours will be billed straight through continuously.

All holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas) are billed as full days at the overtime rate, with double time after ten (10) hours.

Per diem is required to be paid to the technician per day for all out of town shows regardless of whether or not meals are provided at the show site.  Per diem amount depends on geographic location.

Hotel accommodations for technicians may be required for events that end between the hours of midnight and 6:00 am.

The client is required to provide a separate hotel room for each EventEQ technician.  If a room is not provided in the same hotel as the show, the time it takes the technician to arrive will be added to the technician’s total hours for that day.


A travel day is billed for travel to and from an out-of-town show.  Travel is based on a full day rate (10 hours). A half day rate (5 hours) may apply for certain regional shows.  An outbound air travel day begins 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time and ends when the technician arrives on site and after any required work is done. A return air travel day begins two (2) hours prior to the scheduled departure time and ends one (1) hour after the actual arrival time.  Travel in excess of 10 hours due to any air or ground transportation delays is billable. Any ground transportation, tolls. tips or other incidentals are billable.  All hours begin and end according to the time zone from which the technician originates.

Certain events may incur additional labor policy requirements.