Hybrid & Virtual

Whether it’s live, virtual, or somewhere in the middle, we’re setting the new standard for helping you reach your audience effectively – wherever they are.


Our expert audio engineers and technicians ensure clean, accurate sound designed specifically for your event venue.


Lights set the mood. We have a wide variety of conventional and intelligent illumination systems to enhance your environment.


Our expertise in projection, graphics, and video playback, switching, live streaming, recording, and image magnification makes us the ideal video service provider.


High-intensity, high-resolution indoor and outdoor displays. Our LED provides the ideal solution for large screen displays in high ambient light environments.

Digital Signage

Our digital signage solutions let you create exciting digital signs and kiosks that display HD videos, provide directional maps, event scheduling, agendas, sponsor recognition, announcements, and any other content needed for your event.

Scenic Design

From custom graphics and scenic elements to CAD renderings, we offer a wide range of creative services to create a unified immersive experience for audiences.


Our extensive inventory of modular systems and staging enables us to create the ideal atmosphere for our clients.

Grand Format Printing

EventEQ's grand format printing capabilities include services ranging from file development to print, delivery, and installation.